Dashboard/Centralized Management

Does Duplicati have a centralized management feature, more like a dashboard, one-pane all systems? I have seen posts of people wanting it, but wasn’t sure if there is one available now .

No it does not. However you can get a centralized monitoring view (not full management) by using a third party tool like duplicati-monitoring.com

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I’d be curious if there’s any bring-your-own-storage open source tool that does. The ones that I know of typically are commercial products aimed at large organizations, managed service providers, and so on. There are several former standalone-product companies that moved upscale, and dumped standalone.

Duplicati’s administration model is that a browser or third-party duplicati-client talks to web server that’s attached to Duplicati directly. As noted, centralized monitoring is a bit better. Reporting Options form the basic feed, then third-party tools (dupReport is another, and then that can feed Apprise and other tools).

Reporting is easier than administration because it’s more generic, and is going out through NAT/firewall.
There’s also less to worry about in terms of login security, having to set up and manage big servers, etc.

Thanks! but this duplicati monitoring show list of different servers?

Yes, it will show all your backups on all your servers in a single dashboard. This is what mine looks like:

well this is awesome! are there any step by step guidelines available that I could follow to set this up, just like you did? I’d really appreciate that :slight_smile:

You bet… Here’s the main thread discussing its features and how to use them, started by the developer of this service:

I also keep one set of browser tabs with each tab pointed to the web UI of each of my machines running Duplicati. It’s not quite a single pane of glass but it’s close.

For windows systems, does Duplicati cannot backup the system image like C drive (Image based)?

Duplicati doesn’t support full system level backups for bare metal restore. You’ll want a different tool for that. (Personally I use Macrium Reflect.)