Create bug report link doesn't work

Linux system, mono 6.12.0, Duplicati -

I have several errors in recent backups. Clicking on the “Create bug report…” link in the reporting section doesn’t do anything at all.

Any idea how to create a bug report?

You don’t see anything appear in the job window (at the top of the screen) ? You should see (briefly) ‘starting backup…’.

If there’s something else showing as active at the top of the screen, it must finish. One thing at a time.


should show up when bug report is ready (capture above from Windows), in the usual place at bottom.

Is this Duplicati healthy without any weird errors as just reported? If not, there’s no telling what works.

Creating a bug report

In case you need technical support, the Duplicati development team could ask for a bug report. A bug report contains information about the system Duplicati is installed on, some information about the Duplicati installation itself and an obfuscated version of the local databases, without the original foldernames and filenames of your local storage.

Did someone ask? These are most useful if there’s a database problem that a developer wants to see.

Can you describe them? That might indicate whether a bug report seems relevant, and worth pursuing. Privacy safeguards sometimes (more likely on Windows though) erase logs and thus lose messages…

The CREATE-REPORT command in GUI Commandline would be another try if bug report is necessary.

Analyses the backup and prepares a report with anonymous information. This report can be sent to the developers for a better analysis in case something went wrong.

Depending on database size, the “sent” might mean store it somewhere and share it by posting its URL.


If you don’t recall the (fatal?) errors, you might be able to gather history in About → Show log → Stored.