Create archive with plain names

I need to create a backup of some work files for a client. They do not have Duplicati, and I cannot ask them to install it. Is it possible to create a backup archive that has the filenames and directories as is? A bonus would be the ability to name the archive or similar.


It sounds like you’re asking more for a single compressed file of your data than a backup process that stores the history of files - or am I missing something?

Because Duplicati breaks files up into smaller chunks (blocks) and backs those up individually having a single archive file (dblock) at the “other end” doesn’t really work - particularly if you’re backing up hundreds of gigs of files!

However, if you are looking for the full historical backup featureset that Duplicati provides but with a simplified restoration process, that doesn’t exist (yet) but has been discussed.

Note that you don’t HAVE to install Duplicati to use it - you can download a Zip file version of it (see below), unzip it, then run Duplicati.GUI.TrayIcon.exe --portable-mode. So IN THEORY one could make a batch file or “installer” that unzips the “portable” mode of Duplicati INCLUDING the config and backup data, then runs the appropriate command line to start a restore.

Perhaps if somebody’s already put together this sort of “restore-o-matic” process they’ll chime in and let us know how well it worked! :smiley:

It looks like parts of this have already by considered in other another Topic.