Connection lost after activating update

This morning (May 8, 2021), Duplicati notified me of an update, so I installed it, and then Duplicati asked me if I wanted to activate it. I assumed this was just a rote task related to installation, so I initiated activation.

Now, Duplicati seems dead in the water. An endless loop of Connection to server is lost, and attempts to reconnect to server, and then failures to connect.

I do not have any clue about what is wrong, nor, do I understand how to fix it. Any help such as a fix or a work around would be much appreciated.

I tried to reboot my laptop (a Win 10, HP laptop, Intel 64bit). And, now, the Duplicati service no longer loads at boot time.

I assume I need to uninstall, and re-install Duplicate at this point? Anyone? HELP!!!

I uninstalled Duplicati from my Win 10 laptop, and then installed it, and it seems to have recovered from the connection to server problem.

Bumpy road. I suggest fixing that?

First see what it was. Please look in the event log.for a Service Control Manager timeout at PC boot.
Duplicati service stops running has more. Any idea what version your original Duplicati install used?
Previous Beta was in January 2020. Also what’s in C:\ProgramData\Duplicati\updates?