Competitive Cloud backup locations?

Hey all. It has been a while since I was active here. I’ve been happily backing up several systems from one location to another via Duplicati to a linux system under my control via ssh for several years now.

Unfortunately, I no longer keep a system running at my preferred remote location, so I’m now looking at cloud storage to back up to. I’d probably just use backblaze personal backup, but I’m moving more and more towards linux machines, which they don’t support.

My needs are a few TB (and growing due to family photo and documentation hobbies), so “free” several hundred gig sites that exist for a while and then the next one won’t cut it. This is to be a remote type backup, just in case the local one goes kaboom at the same time as a source system. So, other than being able to run a hash check and occasional restore of some items to double check validity, I don’t intend to pull data, making those costs likely pretty negligible unless I have an actual disaster to recover from.

I know the big players exist (Amazon, Google, MS), but it so far seems like backblaze B2 is the most reasonable priced that would be considered long lasting and reliable, with Wasabi perhaps making more sense if I were commonly needing restores.

Of the names I haven’t seen before, sCloud appears to have been around for a while (since 2011), and offer some pretty cheap unlimited usage via ftp. Has anybody else heard of sCloud, and/or have other good suggestions that are cheaper than BackBlaze or Wasabi?

How have the experiences been when using Duplicati with these (and to be mentioned) services?

Is the appearance from the Copyright range that starts in 2011? That was a recent change from 2022.
If this is the site I think it is, view its history at, for example its January 29 versus March 12.
The site began in 2020, updated its Copyright to 2021, then in 2022 chose to claim another nine years.

Some services aim at this market. Cold storage (such as Glacier) is hard to handle, but some vendors provide hot storage but add minimum retention periods. Actually even Wasabi uses a 90 day minimum.
There can also be retrieval fees. Google Cloud Storage is one example of this complicated hot storage. Fortunately, as far as I can tell, their complication is the pricing, not something that would hurt Duplicati.

My use case doesn’t fit archival type pricing (I think). It depends a lot on how rapidly your files change… Changing files cause now-wasted space to eventually cause a compact which downloads and deletes.

Rather than wait, you can just use the search box at the top line of forum if you have a name of interest.
Internet search can also be good (hitting a broad base), and can be site-specific, e.g.

EDIT: can roughly show what people are actually using, which also helps calibration when looking on the forum to see how many complaints are coming in on that particular type.

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Today IDrive e2 is the most economical for my own cloud storage needs:

I have ~2.7TB of data, which puts me into the 5TB storage plans I compared.

Pricing might be different if you have less/more storage.

Thanks! I’d totally forgotten about the usage reporter! :slight_smile:
Unfortunately, “S3 Compatible”, “WebDAV”, “FTP”, and similar mask names that would be helpful. Still a great resource. :slight_smile:

I have happily been using Jottacloud since February 2019 (migrating from Backblaze), currently having 28TB stored there.

Their price tag with currently 99€/year is unbeatable. No traffic cost at all.

They offer “unlimited” Personal Storage but throttle upload speed if your storage exceeds 5TB - however I cannot confirm this since I do seem to get full speed when uploading archives.

Download speed is decent, I constantly achieve speeds above 100Mbit/s even with large files (for some backup sets I have archive size of 4GB).

Note that Jottacloud changed their authentication, so a workaround is needed, as mentioned here.
It seems quite effective, but has not yet settled fully into the official software. Things are slow now.