Can't access some folders, despite service running as system user


Duplicati is running as the local system user (according to services.msc and task manager), but when I try to select a trivial folder that only the admin has access to via the web interface it fails due to permission error.

I’ve tried various installation paths to get this to work, but it somehow just won’t. This is on Windows Server 2022.

  • I create a folder that only the admin has access to (eventually I want to remove those permissions too, so only the system account has access).
  • Install Duplicati without the tray component
  • Install Duplicati as a service via Duplicati.WindowsService.exe install --webservice-interface-loopback --webservice-port-8200
  • start the servce / restart the machine
  • No luck

Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks


As far as I know, psexec -s -i cmd.exe still runs under Windows 2022, test if you can access your file under such a session.

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Welcome to the forum @Nyechm

If you mean that it lacks SYSTEM, there’s the cause:

C:\backup source>whoami
nt authority\system

C:\backup source>type only_for_me.txt
Access is denied.

Unlike root on many UNIX systems, SYSTEM still needs to be granted access, or it has no access.

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