Cannot see full list of backups in backup list

Using version 1.3.4; we are most comfortable with this version.

We recently had to restore a large backup, but by mistake, one of the schedules jobs was actually the backup path we wanted to restore!

So i have a listing of 4 backups that are incredibly small (not the right ones); but if i check the actual folder, the old backup is still in there because the size is the correct size - roughly 49GB

Is there a way to retrieve a full list of the backup listing on this version of duplicati, or a newer one?:

Thanks a bunch guys!

@Foronda76, with the GUI in version 2 you should be able to do a “Direct restore from backup files” as mentioned here, however I’m not sure what the v1 command line options would be beyond possibly using the --restore parameter.

I don’t know if you can restore v1 backups with the v2 GUI but if it IS possible but you want to stick with v1 for your day-to-day use you might consider downloading the Zip file version of from the downloads page and running Duplicati.GUI.TrayIcon.exe --portable-mode to start the app without installing it anywhere.

Once started and the browser interface has opened you should be able to use the Restore GUI menu and Direct restore from backup files guided GUI to try and get your files back (or at least seeing what items are in the backup).

Good luck!


@JonMikeIV thank you for your reply! So this actually got me further…i pointed to where my backups were, and it opened the directory, but then i got this error…any ideas?

@Foronda76, err - sorry. You’ve reached the limit of my experience with this side of things. :frowning:

However Google tells me that “It usually means that the local datbase is not created” - which would make sense in this case.

I’m assuming there must be an additional parameter that tells it to ignore that but I don’t know for sure - hopefully somebody else will see this and be able to help you out!

Does anyone know how to open *.zip.aes files? I was told by Kenneth who has been extremely helpful, that i can get to them…

You’ll need to install aescrypt, then right-click -> decrypt the file. You’ll then get a simple zip file that windows can open.

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But won’t that zip file just be full of file blocks, not actual files?

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I have continued with @Foronda76 on direct email.

1.3.x used a different algorithm (more like rsync) so you can get most files directly from the zip.

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