Restore on lost backup source

I’ve skimmed over the forum and the few Articles, but not finding any details on restores. From the videos I’ve stumbled on it seems pretty easy, if you have everything all still in place. I cannot find any documentation/details on how to handle a restore if you are recovering from a total crash (reinstall OS etc), or if you want to install Duplicati on another host, and then restore all the stuff to that host.

  • Does Duplicati keep some sort of file data with the backups themselves, as well as in the sqlite database?
  • What would the steps be to get a restore going on a clean machine?


The database is simply a map that stores information about the contents of the remote files. The database can be rebuilt entirely from the remote files (usually the dindex and dlist files are enough).

Simply install Duplicati and then choose “restore” and “Restore directly” like here:

This will make a temporary version of the local database with the minimal contents and allow you to restore from there.

You can also simply create a new backup taks, set it to not run automatically, save it, and then go to the “Database …” page and choose “Repair” and it will build the entire database for you. This approach makes it work just as it does for your current running backups, and allows you to actually continue making backups.

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