Cannot load webui - HTTP ERROR 400

Running official docker container on unRAID. Cannot load web gui, I get “This page isn’t working” and “HTTP ERROR 400” - there are NO logs in the container logs so I can’t even see what’s going on. Where are the logs held within the container?

The only report I find on this involved a reverse proxy on the connection to Duplicati. Do you have one?

Is this a new problem? If so, what changed?

The web server is a separate GitHub project, not really a Duplicati creation, and I don’t know if it can log.

Sometimes browser hard refresh (typically hold Control key and press F5, but it may vary) helps hangs, however I’m not sure you got that far. You might be able to use browser developer tools (often opened by F12) to the network activity to see if you can find any clues. Packet capture is possible, but hard.


Here’s what Firefox web developer tools show when I browse to localhost:8200. What does yours do?

/facepalm bad cookie… Thanks for making me think to open dev tools.
Unfortunately all my backup configurations are gone again…the home screen is empty :anger:
And now after a few restarts they’re randomly back.