Cannot activate new version 2.06.1 beta_2021-05-03

I saw the notice and downloaded the new version.
I am now seeing this message in the “About” page,
You are currently running Duplicati -

Update is installed, activate now

Duplicati is not longer running backups, and I cannot restore, either.
How do I activate the new version? When I click or double click, nothing happens. Then, sometimes, a message will appear “Activate failed: Missing XSRF Token. Please reload the page”.
But after reloading and clicking, nothing happens, until the same error message appears again.

I restarted the service from Windows administration, and the new version is now activated.
For those not super technical, there should be a note saying that you have to restart the service, or is that usually not the case.

I don’t know if it’s more often the case or more often not the case, but it’s definitely not 100% reliable.

There are more upgrade bumps than usual on this Beta, although I don’t think the code changed any.

A couple of views on the reliability of Activate:

Any of The Windows System I have upgraded have nearly always required me to restart the service from services rather then the GUI

Thanks Richard,

I had the same issue upgrading from to (download and installation were started from the Duplicati web interface; then, activation did not take place - instead, I got the activation request again after closing and reopening the web browser).
Restarting the service helped in that the web interface states is running.
However, the files in C:\program files\Duplicati\ have an old date (january 2020), and the “details” tab of the file properties windows states they are v2.0.5.1.
In fact, the files collection is situated in C:\Program Files\Duplicati\updates\\ which is a bit confusing for me…

The current setup means the shortcut I created on my Desktop for starting the web interface (because Duplicate runs quiet as a service here) points to the previous version, because the new files did not replace the previous ones.

While this might be a good precaution to go back to a working configuration in case of trouble, it changes file positions with every update :-/

That’s how it works. In theory (except for the flaky Activate button) this lets non-Administrators autoupdate. Putting updates directly in Program Files may require a Windows prompt for an Administrators password.

Think of the Program Files version as a launcher for the latest update. If there is none, it starts its version.
Either way, there are parent and child processes. You can view this in Task Manager or Process Explorer.

Getting information about your setup About → System info will show these versions. is your Base.

* BaseVersionName :   (should say for you)
* ServerVersionName : (should say for you)`

[SOLVED] Is it ok that I see 5 processes of Duplicati in Windows Task manager? adds a TrayIcon pair too.