Canary build vs normal (beta) build


I’ve switched to Canary build because it has support for Jottacloud (oauth). But I was wondering; am I able to restore from another Duplicati instance which is running the normal (beta) build?

yes the db version is unrelated with canary version… anyway you can try to restore some files for “diagnostic purpose”.

If the db version is updated it’s specified in release notes. Of course the updating DB version will be unrestorable files for OLDER duplicati versions.

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Note that there’s another round of fixes awaiting a Canary. Meanwhile, a user built some unofficial DLLs.

Jottacloud Error 401 (Unauthorized)

How so? You should not have two Duplicati backing up to the same destination. For emergency restores such as Direct restore from backup file, DB version is not an issue because you have to recreate the DB.

The main question is whether Beta can get to Jottacloud to get its files. If not, you can’t restore from them. Jottacloud questions should go onto the other thread. There’s a discussion there today about the situation.

In an emergency could one not copy the Jottacloud files to a provider that the beta version does support and do a “restore from backup files” action?

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Yes, I think that would work. I don’t keep track of Jottacloud tools, but I think rclone can do that copy.
Setting rclone for Jottacloud access would also allow Duplicati to use Rclone for file-by-file access.

and there were some earlier posts in that topic about how one should set things up for Duplicati rclone use.

That should work, or if there’s an old job configuration in Duplicati, Destination could be reconfigured to use whatever the new cloud service is. If this is done, clear out old config fields first, or they might be left over…
Another advantage is one can continue backup (at least in theory) to bring old Jottacloud backup up to date.

So there are quite a few workarounds for those who don’t want to go to Canary plus three unofficial dll files. Hopefully at least new Canary will happen eventually. Even better, new Beta. Help has been scarce lately…