Can I send mail to myself with detailed backup result (for example, as "compare")?


Or I have to use, for example, duplicati_client to run and after compare and after send mail via D2 or special software?

Hmm, I tried to run the Commandline method from the Web UI with email parameters on, but it doesn’t look like it sends anything after finishing.

The duplicati client can look at the logs after it runs, but the Commandline don’t seem to produce any logs either when running for example compare.

I think the only way to get the output on email is to call the Commandline argument on CLI, piping the output into a file, and then emailing that output using some external tool.

This seems to be requested somewhat consistently for some reason.

I agree it seems like a good idea at first glance, but suspect that once people see what might come out of it in EVERY EMAIL it would quickly be disabled. :slight_smile:

That being said, perhaps it might make sense to put a GitHub bounty out there for a built in --email-affected-files=Adds|Creates|Deletes|Updates text parameter that would send the list of files with the indicated change types to the address used for the confirmation email…

I’m curious if people are requesting this in email format because they secretly want a web UI for viewing this data :wink:

Good question. You should ask that so we’re not potentially working to create a solution for something that is tangential to the actual ‘problem’. :wink:

Of course there already IS a web UI for viewing this data via the GUI Command line…so perhaps the issue is that it’s not simple enough to use?

I don’t think it’s about simplicity of the commands necessarily. I think it’s more about providing the right information at the right time and place.

This is very related to Can I see in “compare” backup difference size?. And multiple other posts on the forum.
We want to know what changed, but we don’t want to read 90 lines in an email every time a backup has run. We want the ability to purge files that were backed up by mistake, but we want to be sure we do it right (it can be pretty scary purging files in the Commandline on production data). We want to monitor and tweak our backups if we find out that some pointless file is changing every single backup :slight_smile:

Duplicati has a ton of very useful information tucked away in the core of the application. Bringing that out in the web UI will really make it great :smiley:

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Oooooh… good one. We need a report of most frequently changed files over a set time span or backup count! :smiley:

Greate post. Of course no. I want to see:

  1. for the first time all changes;
  2. for the second time changes with warnings, errors;
  3. p.2 and every week (difference from past week);
  4. and off couse, at finish: only p.2 but on demend p.3.

I have to write some scripts to help me with “after backup” option script).

I created public in “Features” as suggestion: Send-mail: posibility to include added, modified and deleted files and they different size backup .