‼ Read this before posting!

Just a quick hint for anyone posting feature requests or support questions: it helps immensely to have a well formatted post that conveys a clear idea of what you are talking about. Here are three things that can help you achieve this: screenshots, code blocks and paragraphs.


A visual representation of what you are looking at (or imagining) makes it much, much easier to grasp what you are talking about. So if you have a tool that allows you to quickly take a screenshot of what you are looking at, please do so and include it in your post.

To add a screenshot (or any file, for that matter) to your post, simply copy and paste it right into the text editor. That’s it! It could hardly be simpler. :sunglasses:

Windows now comes with its own screenshooting tool, but there are many more to choose from:

Bonus hint: you can also embed videos in your post, simply by pasting in the url of the video in a line by itself (just try it with your favourite YouTube video and see what happens).

Code blocks

When you are reporting a problem, you are likely to paste some logfiles or command line outputs into your post. Here is a hint of how you can make these snippets easier to read: use so called fenced code blocks . To do this, just put three tildes ( ~~~) or three backticks ``` in a separate line before and after your snippet. That’s it.

So, for example, this

some text

will be displayed as this

some text


It’s very basic really: just insert a blank line whenever you are starting something new. Pressing Enter once wont do the trick, you have to press it twice: Enter Enter

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For anyone wondering what the fuzz with the screenshots is all about, here is a good example of how screenshots often convey relevant information that the user reporting them problem did not notice but which are likely to be noticed by other users who then solve the problem based on that additional information in the screenshot: