Pinned posts when returning to a cateogry

when I first go to a category in the forum, the forum sw displays the pinned post, which describes the category. When I return to the category for the 2nd time, it does not. Just posts sorted however chosen. Or maybe I’m getting there 2 different ways? Or maybe it’s not really “pinned” and just supposed to be that way–only show on first entry?

I care because I was going to post some message or logs in support and I thought there might be a policy/guideline about posting logs. So I was trying to find that pinned post for the support category

It’s been a while since I first went to a Category (such as #howto or #support) so I don’t recall exactly how it works but I believe Discourse (or forum software) shows topics in :

  • Oldest-to-newest post order on first viewing
  • Newest-to-oldest post order after after first viewing

I’m not aware of any “pinning” feature - the closest I can think of would be bookmarks, but they are user specific.

As far as log posting policies, I don’t know that there are any other than to try and scrub any personally identifiable data (passwords, email addresses, IP addresses, etc.) and what’s covered in the FAQ and here:

I believe this is the one About the Support category

It does have like a pin on it and shows up first if I open the category in incognito mode without logging in.

I can’t find any other way of displaying it :sweat_smile:

D’Oh! you are absolutely correct - I guess I’ve been here so much my brain started treating those like ads and ignore them. :crazy_face:

Basically advertisement :smile: just people telling you what to do :joy:

EDIT(learned more)

You should know that pinning topics works a little differently in Discourse than other forums.

Users can clear pins on topics once they have read them, so they don’t stay pinned forever for everyone

from: Discourse Admin Quick Start Guide - phylobabble

But this seems something the user can do not something that happens automatically, as explained here: Did you know... (about Discourse) - Community - The SitePoint Forums (post #15 by cpradio")

I got it back by clicking on the “Activity” column header. Which sorts by date, at first most recent at the top (same as Latest), then clicking again oldest at the top, which shows the pinned post since it’s the first.

My pins are not appearing at the top. I don’t remember clearing them:

And here is the pinned post, marked as UNpinned, visible with sorted by Activity, oldest first. I don’t remember unpinning it. Maybe I did by accident.

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