Backuped file without any zip


I’ve just discovered Duplicati, I’m trying to learn how to use it,
in my tests, I noticed that backups are kept in “dblock” compressed
I want to keep my backup files without any compression, I want to access
backup files directly, Is this possible

Hello @Tolakan and welcome to the forum!

Duplicati does not do direct copy of source files for various reasons such as security and space efficiency. Depending on what you mean by “access backup files directly”, some other tools might get what you want.

Windows backup files understandable for a non-technician
Create incremental backups without .zip or any compression

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can you explain to me how to proceed

Proceed with what? Duplicati can’t do this. If you found one of the other posted alternatives interesting, there’s some chance I can help, but it would help people more in the future if you posted on that article.

Thank you for your interest,

My scenario is to transfer files located on my public server to googledrive with Duplicati

then googledrive, share it to other users, these files to be transferred, I want to provide direct use of other users, when I do transfer with Duplicati seems to be compressed files, I can not use direct,
would be a suggestion for this use

Thank you

What you want is a sync tool. Duplicati is a backup tool :slight_smile:

I’d use the Google drive client or an other sync client rsync.

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Is this a one-time transfer or repeated? How automated do you want, as opposed to, say, you using a GUI? Do you want two-way updates (sync) or one-way (copy)? What OS is server (will limit software selection)?

The easiest cross-platform one-time copy is with “Upload folder” in a web browser at a Google Drive folder. Drag-and-drop of the folder might also work, and some file managers (even on Linux) can do Google Drive.

For repetitive or scripted copying or syncing using a cross-platform software install, rclone might be useful.

Cyberduck is also very cross-platform and seems to have mainly a GUI focus, but also has a CLI available.

EDIT: Actually the questions are more complex if this is repetitive. Should deletions be copied (this is what “sync” frequently implies)? Should files that are already there on Google Drive be blindly transferred again, whether or not there are changes? If you need something smarter than a copy, possibly rclone will do best.

I would like to update a file to googledrive every 24 hours so that other users can access the latest up-to-date data,

I’m trying to run the system through a computer in windows 10, I want to run the system manually as well as manually drag and drop, I did a trial with rclone and create a script
but for stability I want to use a program like duplicati

I want files to be transferred to googledrive in an accessible format that I don’t want to have any compression after transfer

Duplicati can’t do direct file copies for backup. Duplicati.CommandLine.BackendTool.exe can put files to Google Drive, but has no drag-and-drop and is kind of a specialty tool. You probably want something else.

Create incremental backups without .zip or any compression is my comment where I point at Fact Sheet for Duplicati and comment on how direct copying is totally contrary to the majority of its design objectives. As someone who doesn’t set priorities, I’m just guessing, but you can see what you think of my opinion…

To be pedantic, I assume you’re really seeking to avoid zip. Some file types don’t compress, but do zip…

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