Backup files and folders as is

Just wondering if there is a simple way to just do a mirror backup to target, meaning, i get file per file, folder per folder mirror count. Not blocks of 50mb. etc. I need the files folder to save to my dropbox to use them on different devices… Is this possible with this application?

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Overview from the manual says that

Duplicati is not:

  • A file synchronization program.
    Duplicati is a block based backup solution. Files are split up in small chunks of data (blocks), which are optionally encrypted and compressed before they are sent to the backup location.

Mirroring is not possible. Duplicati makes versioned backups. Did you want versions or only current?
There are plenty of programs that can mirror folders. A smaller number of them can also do versions.

Ideally current only. Can you suggest a good one in the same spirit as duplicati but only for mirroring? Thanks

I don’t know what that means exactly, but if you mean free and open source, you might try FreeFileSync if you want a GUI, or rclone if you prefer using Task Scheduler to run a CLI tool. Maybe the backup program Cobian Reflector could be toned down to single version if you prefer that. I think it can do direct file copies. That one isn’t open source, but it’s free.


Assuming this is Windows, and you’re willing to schedule it, robocopy might be another way to do a mirror.

Hey, I dont mind paying for it, and i guess open source would be good.
Yes I meant direct file sources. I’ll try these suggestions… thanks again

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For more ideas, you can use a search engine to ask about file sync.
Dropbox itself does sync of course, but I don’t know all of its details.

Dropbox Community forum might have some ideas on Dropbox use.
The latest dead-end I found might be similar to what you’re seeking:
How can I share my backup folders? Answer is you have to copy-in.

I appreciate your help. I am going to try
Cobian Reflector. It’s what I’m looking for. I am using a 3D app (Megascans) that requires assets to be off cloud or connected drive. I update I’m often the asset library, so downloads. But I need my library available for laptop. So solution is to locate my library on local drive off Dropbox, and synchronize the library to Dropbox. Dropbox will be the versioning backup system. When on laptop, I’ll manually update my local library with the Dropbox library version.

It’s only 60 gigs of assets at the moment so not a huge deal

Thanks for your helping suggestions

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Is that tool works on windows server 2019 if we want to migrate to QNAP?
what about the alternatives Goodsync, Syncback, and Gs Richcopy 360?