Backup Cloud to Cloud

When will duplicatti put the backup option between accounts in Cloud? Ex: Gdrive to Dropbox?

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Unfortunately, it’s not likely Duplicati will be implementing cloud-to-cloud backups at any time. This is due to how Duplicati works which would end up being something like this:

  1. Duplicati fetches list of ALL file names, sizes, & dates (possibly hashes, if available) from source cloud
  2. If any names are new or sizes / dates / hashes differ from what’s stored in the local database, the entire files would have to be downloaded to they local machine
  3. Duplicati would scan the local copies of the files to identify changed blocks (which would be the entire file, if new) hash them, and compress them
  4. The archives would then be uploaded to the cloud destination and the temporary source downloads deleted

So it could work in theory, but would be very bandwidth intensive and likely run very slowly.

If you really want to try that out, you could mount a cloud drive as a local share and include it in your backup job to a different cloud drive…

Hm, but wouldn’t it be possible to setup a VPS to do tun duplicati in the clould (i.e. without downloading and reuploading it to your local computer)? Like this cloud-to-cloud migration scenario, except that you run duplicati instead of rclone?

Not sure if it’s worth the hassle and the cost for the VPS, but possible it is, no?

An alternative (not linked to duplicati at all) would be pcloud. If you have pcloud storage (10 GB free) you can make it backup various cloud drives like dropbox and google drive. Without the need of any other software. (Disclaimer: the link to pcloud is an affiliate link)

Thanks for the feedback! Good idea! … about Duplicatti I imagined something like this:

In this case, Duplicatti would only do the middle field, and the backup would be made directly from one account to another.

sorted out:

rclone sync mydrive1:/ meudrive2:/


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