Backingup LAN System's in Duplicati Server

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I have installed Duplicati Server in Win10 with 10TB Storage.

All the LAN system backingup to this Duplicati Server. We have Ubuntu + Windows7 + Windows Server 2012 + Windows 10. All backup configured in Duplicati Server.

In All the Windows Systems backingup via Drive$ & in Ubuntu enabled SAMBA Share. Everything is running smoothly, but wanted to know is this good solution? Any other better solution I can implement?

I have attached the config file for your reference. Ubuntu & Windows both attached here.

Ubuntu Config File

Windows Config File

Please guide me.

Does this still work when a LAN system is off, or does it hang or fail on remote access no longer working?

Another concern is that SMB has reports of unreliability, but maybe this is also a network/destination issue.

Duplicati runs best when it has direct access to source data, and it can use things like snapshot-policy for access to locked Windows files, or usn-policy to avoid having to check each source file to look for change.

I’m not sure if SMB access denies access to locked files (Microsoft Office tends to lock, I think), or if it just ignores the lock and hands you a copy of the file in an application-inconsistent state that VSS would avoid.

Troubleshoot backups of Microsoft Outlook data shows how one vendor does this, and potential problems:

Only local disks are supported.

But if it all works well enough for your use, great, and maybe the convenience of central backup outweighs.