Backingup LAN System's in Duplicati Server

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I have installed Duplicati Server in Win10 with 10TB Storage.

All the LAN system backingup to this Duplicati Server. We have Ubuntu + Windows7 + Windows Server 2012 + Windows 10. All backup configured in Duplicati Server.

In All the Windows Systems backingup via Drive$ & in Ubuntu enabled SAMBA Share. Everything is running smoothly, but wanted to know is this good solution? Any other better solution I can implement?

I have attached the config file for your reference. Ubuntu & Windows both attached here.

Ubuntu Config File

Windows Config File

Please guide me.

Does this still work when a LAN system is off, or does it hang or fail on remote access no longer working?

Another concern is that SMB has reports of unreliability, but maybe this is also a network/destination issue.

Duplicati runs best when it has direct access to source data, and it can use things like snapshot-policy for access to locked Windows files, or usn-policy to avoid having to check each source file to look for change.

I’m not sure if SMB access denies access to locked files (Microsoft Office tends to lock, I think), or if it just ignores the lock and hands you a copy of the file in an application-inconsistent state that VSS would avoid.

Troubleshoot backups of Microsoft Outlook data shows how one vendor does this, and potential problems:

Only local disks are supported.

But if it all works well enough for your use, great, and maybe the convenience of central backup outweighs.

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If LAN systems are Off it will not work, It shows error while running. The network path not found.

How to use snapshot? I do not have any idea on this. Can you please guide me?

Lokesh Kamath

Click on the link you quoted for basics. It’s an Advanced option, so goes on Options screen as an Edit.

Satisfying “requires administrative privileges” is not always a smooth path. If your Installation is now a Windows Service, you’re all set with that. You would have used Duplicati.WindowsService.exe for that.
Install Duplicati as a service is a video. Migrating from User to Service install on Windows may also fit.

If you’d rather not install as a service, then that’s the usual Windows install, and it runs after user login. Windows will only add administrative privileges after a UAC prompt, and Duplicati will run as that user, which may require database moves if current user is a Standard user and borrows another account.

Manual start icon can be made from a shortcut to Duplicati --> right-click --> Properties --> Advanced --> “Run as admistrator”. Autostart as Admin discusses the issue and links to a Task scheduler method.

Sorry it’s so hard to run as adminstrator, but Windows wants it that way. Maybe someday the Duplicati installer can hide some of this, or the manual can provide official guidance if the team can develop that.