Autostart as Admin

I found this in the forum:
Update the Duplicati.GUI.TrayIcon.exe shortcut in your Startup folder to “Run this program as an administrator” (under the Compatibility tab of Properties)

But this does not work. TrayIcon does NOT appear.

I have to start it manually as admin

Interesting… I had heard that method worked although I never used it myself.

Personally I use the Task Scheduler approach: set up a task to run the tray icon process elevated and set the trigger to be when you log in. Don’t forget to remove the icon from your startup group.

I wonder if that was tested? The intro that I see above it sounds like it was a bit of a guess.
Running as Administrator from Startup shortcut? from Windows 10 Forums says it will fail.
I didn’t have any luck with it, on either an Administrator or a Standard User account at login.

How to Create Elevated App Shortcut without UAC Prompt in Windows 10 has two options.
There’s a restriction given there which I haven’t confirmed, but maybe @drwtsn32 knows:

You must be signed in as an administrator to create and use this elevated shortcut.

Manually Create Elevated App Shortcut without UAC Prompt in Task Scheduler may be like:

@drwtsn32 @ts678 Check out my last post in this thread.
tl;dr Renaming “Duplicati.GUI.TrayIcon.exe” to “DuplicatiTrayIcon.exe” made it launch as it should.