Advanced options optical overhaul

A long list of drop down is kind a meh. Would it make sense to make it a little more UI friendly?

Suggestions for re-design of Advanced Options page seems to be the longest discussion of the optics. Perhaps you could wake that topic up, or start again here if you have a specific rearrangement in mind.
The simpler the change, the more likely it will be that volunteer resources will be available to get it done.
Volunteers are needed in all areas. This particular one seems like it could benefit from a GUI developer.


Improved advanced options editor #2811 (just a pointer from GitHub issues to above forum discussion)
Put advanced options on separate page? #1969

Its been a minute since I used C# but shouldnt be too bad. After all, PRs are reviewed anyway.

Have at it, and much appreciated. If this doesn’t click for you, there’s plenty of other C# code around…