Adjust Time Zone

Good morning,

My organization has recently starting using Duplicati, we have created back up and they are running happily. However, they are not running at the scheduled time we set (10pm), but rather 4 hours later (2am). Doe Duplicati pull its time from somewhere else rather than the local system. Is there a way to adjust this, or do we need to schedule our backup time 4 hours early, so it runs at the desired time?



This sounds similar to this:

And here’s an answer, though not a solution:

What version of Duplicati are you running?

Thanks for the info!
We are running version, and your info is correct. The backups are actually running at the scheduled time, it just seems that the notifications we receive show the UTC time (4 hours ahead).
I’ll keep an eye on things to see if there is an update.
Thanks again!

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