Show log times in local time zone

For whatever reason, times in reports (EndTime, BeginTime, etc) are shown offset by 4 hours (4 hours in the future), and I can only assume that means they’re being shown in GMT (though no explanation or clarification is given). Despite the fact that the actual “Message” headings in the reports section display local time.

It’d be nice just for my sanity’s sake (and I assume for the confusion of a lot of other users) if the log time could be displayed (or maybe just captured in the first place) in local time instead, especially since then we wouldn’t have to translate back and forth.


As covered elsewhere, this is likely due to an issue converting internally stored UTC dates to local time:

I’m not finding any GitHub entries specific to this, do you know if one was made?

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No idea - but i’m guessing if nothing was mentioned here, then probably not…

It looks like this was resolved in this github issue:

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This seems to have been added to the version, so as long as that or a newer version is being used, emails should have EndTime and BeginTime entries that look like this:

EndTime: 1/25/2018 12:34:24 PM (1516905264)
BeginTime: 1/25/2018 12:33:05 PM (1516905185)

In my test case, those are correct local times followed by a correct ISO 8601 “seconds since epoch” format as can be seen by using a converter such as this one (be sure to enter correct “output date timezone”):

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