add cloud filen support


I’ve been testing duplicati because I’m interested in compatibility with cloud services. Can you add filen cloud support?

I looked around their site and don’t see any mention of an API or support for standard protocols like S3. I do see them say that it’s “impossible” for them to support WebDAV access to the files.

The only option I can see at the moment is to use their client software on your PC and tell Duplicati to back up to that local folder, which presumably would sync the files to their cloud service. This is not ideal. The backup data would take space on your local disk.

A pity that there is no compatibility

They would need to provide some sort of API so third party applications could work with their back end storage.

What are you finding, and why does another service (2020 startup) matter? Can’t support everything.

Some services actively discourage third-party access. Look at the typical MEGA note about this below:

Using MEGAcmd instead of the current way?

On the other hand, despite a somewhat restrictive Filen software license, they seem helpful but busy…

A bit of help with Rust↔Filen API interface? #15

Regardless, feature addition rate to Duplicati is totally dependent on volunteers. There’s no lack of asks, however there’s a definite lack of volunteers in all areas (forum help, documentation, code, testing, etc.).

If anyone is willing to assist with anything (including this, but it looks very difficult), please give some help.

Hi, I understand that you cannot implement filen cloud support.

Personally, I have no programming skills.

It was just a request but if it is not possible to implement it there is no problem, I understand the difficulty.