Ability to set personal defaults

Firstly, only started using the product a few days ago and absolutely love it!

I’m using it with AWS but will also be using it with an onsite NAS soon.

On thing I have noticed (and happened on the biggest upload I did) is that if you use the default settings for region, it sets it to US East (N. Virginia).

It would be very nice if we could set our own default settings.

Thank You

gno-accessories, are you saying you think the Amazon S3 “Bucket create region” property in step 2 (Destination) should either pre-populate the correct value based on your actual location or use that location when (default)() is select?

From where would you see that value being pulled - I can think of local PC settings and/or geo-IP lookup, but neither are necessarily “accurate” in today’s world laptops and VPNs…

Oh, and did you happen to refer to the “Amazon S3 How-To” Topic when setting up your Destination? I ask because if you DID and it was still confusing, then we know we need to review the guide. :slight_smile:

Hi Jon
Thanks for the quick reply.

What I mean with the default is it would be nice if we had the option to set our own defaults manually. (no need for it to be done by geographic or IP)

So on the main settings tab, there would be options of please select your default settings when creating a backup;
-Step 2
– Storage Type
– Server Type
– Bucket Create Region
– Storage Class

I did refer to the “Amazon S3 How-To” and did find it helpful to a point but there wasn’t more info there that I was looking for.

I found the pop up warning and auto corrects along with connection testers within the program to be very helpful though.

Thank You

Where would you set it? Like in the “Settings” area?

In Duplicati 1.3.x there was an area in the settings where you could enter AWS credentials to avoid replicating them for each job. Something like that?

Hi Ken
I would think that in the “Settings” area is where it would be set under something like “Personal Default Settings”

I have only just started using Duplicati on so have no experience with the previous versions but that sound like what I’m talking about.

Thank You