Zstd compression


I just wanted to put in a request for zstd level 9 compression.

borg backup now has this, and doing a test I found it performed better than deflate zip level 9 in duplicati.



Me too!..well any level is good for me :wink:

If you need highest possible compression ratio, then 7z (LZMA2) is the way to go. It’s still better in compressing than Zstd. Yet of course consumes also more CPU cycles. There are good comparisons about that.

I would prefer 7-zip compression, but one time it was mortally broken with Duplicati and nobody has confirmed since that, if it’s fixed. So I’m really afraid to use it unless someone confirms that it doesn’t corrupt data anymore.

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It looks like it is being tracked here: Zstandard as default compression method, replacing deflate · Issue #4333 · duplicati/duplicati · GitHub

It also looks like a “free” win-win situation where zstd outperforms zip on every aspect


I noticed that lz4 was also proposed: lz4 as compression method · Issue #2575 · duplicati/duplicati · GitHub