Yandex disk support

Is Yandex disk support planned?
Or as an option, tell us by the tips of webdav settings for setting up Yandex-disk support. Tried various options, nothing happened.


For me it works flawlessly using WebDAV. I’ve created a test account , created the folder structure Backup/Duplicati/Test and filled in these parameters:


Backup files uploaded nicely to the Yandex cloud disk:



As I know there is no Yandex.Disk support except WebDAV. And as I know original client work via WebDAV and XMPP.

Please, let me know what version of duplicati you use? Perhaps, there is a bug in latest version?
I use similar parameters and various options, like allowed-ssl-versions and force-digest-authentication, but test fails anytime with different errors…

I used the latest Canary that was available at 2/2, probably V2.0.2.17.

I’m not able to re-test, after trying to log in, I get a message that my account probably has been hacked. I have to answer a security question, change my password and enter a code sent by SMS. I don’t receive a confirmation code, so I’m unable to reactivate my account.

I tested with latest version D2, but the thing is in Yandex WebDAV. It’s not a official feature of Yandex.Disk and Yandex made less speed and big time out between putting files on its servers.
So it’s necessary to add REST API: REST API — Yandex Technologies . It’s official ability with best work with it.

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Can we write to the developer?
The whole runet will applaud us

Issue is more-or-less already open, waiting for a developer. Progress in Duplicati is volunteer-limited.
Developers are especially encouraged, but volunteering in any capacity will help keep project moving.

Disk WebDAV API looks official. If they’re doing something to slow it down, they’re not talking about that.

Alternatively you can try using Duplicati Rclone storage type with rclone’s config set to use Yandex Disk

Yandex support refers to Duplicati not working correctly)

Yandex stopped working with Duplicati using the built-in webdav protocol in 2020, because many realized why not store backups in a cheap cloud? The cost of Yandex Disk is $ 15 per year for 1 TB.

Moreover, Yandex has Yandex.Cloud, which is much more expensive and which involves the use of Duplicati Backup to Yandex Object Storage via Duplicati | Yandex.Cloud - Documentation

Please try rclone, as mentioned above. Because Yandex supports many protocols, including S3 for which cost is apparently unattractive, I checked for more confirmation they use Yandex disk, and found this URL:

Accessing the API for Yandex disk shows, so this supports that they match. The API has been unchanged since 2015 and their Java SDK is the same. API doesn’t look well-cared-for.

I notice rclone forum has a report that it’s slow. I wonder if Yandex is throttling the very-low-priced service, which is not that unusual for other services. Typically such services try to get you to where they want you.
Failing that, the good times may end with a service shutdown such as Amazon Cloud Drive discontinued.

Yandex-disk slow upload speed

On the other hand, Wikipedia only mentions they created WebDAV issues for some clients. Try another?

Yandex Disk

Since October 18, 2019, Yandex.Disk has started throttling WebDAV, causing some clients to time out,[4] the official page redirects to the Yandex.Disk 3.0 client page, support writes: “Yandex.Disk is a personal service that is not designed to be used as an infrastructure element. For such tasks, we have Yandex.Cloud"[5]

On the chance that they are nicer to rclone for some reason, rclone also has WebDAV. Maybe it works…

Trying things that already exist is certainly worthwhile, and support is on rclone forum. If that works, then Duplicati may work (with slightly fewer features), and it avoids investing in old API for use they don’t want.

If some new developer wants to contribute code, and preferably support, there are a few nuget packages.
Comparing with the official Yandex Disk SDK #9 is from one. I notice official SDK is last updated in 2013.
I’m not a developer, but one can’t just integrate any old third-party package to Duplicati. Things need to fit.

I managed to solve the problem of connecting Yandex. Disk using WebDav. In Yandex Account, you need to make an application password and then you can log in to Duplicati.


Please read the previous posts. You can use with WebDav but sometimes the speed will be very slow because this feature is not official and Yandex try to stop using it (but in the same time YandexDisk app using it very good).

I confirm, it works with application password. But very slow (~200 kb/sec in my tests).