Wrong SizeOfAddedFiles

Good morning.
I’ve installed the latest canary version of Duplicati on Linux Centos6.
Wonderful software!!! I’ve installed it other times on WIndows, and everything is ok.
But I’ve notice that on Linux the Log has something wrong. Infact SizeOfAddedFiles is always zero:

DeletedFiles: 629 
DeletedFolders: 0 
ModifiedFiles: 0 
ExaminedFiles: 38372 
OpenedFiles: 1341 
AddedFiles: 1341 
SizeOfModifiedFiles: 0 
SizeOfAddedFiles: 0 
SizeOfExaminedFiles: 14864698389 
SizeOfOpenedFiles: 699647575

Is a bug?

Hello @g.chiarella, welcome to the forum!

The SizeOfAddedFiles is what was added for this particular run, is it possible there were no new files for the run you’re showing?

No. To have a proof of a good backup I made these operations:
a) make a backup - SizeOfAddedFiles = 0
b) put 10 files in directory
c) make a new backup: Added Files: 10 - SizeOfAddedFiles = 0
d) delete the files
e) restore the files. Everythings ok, because I’ve restore the 10 files added.
This behaviour is almost weird…

I’m running on one of my machines - I’ll try a similar test and get back to you.

I just checked my logs (and went back and re-read yours) and realized I was being an idiot. :blush:

Indeed my logs for beta show non-zero ModifiedFiles and AddedFiles with non-zero SizeOfModifiedFiles and SizeOfAddedFiles however my canary logs all have 0 for SizeOfModifiedFiles and SizeOfAddedFiles whether the ModifiedFiles and AddedFiles counts are 0 or not.

And it looks like @crazy4chrissi registered this as a but on GitHub about 3 days ago. :slight_smile:

I’ve gone ahead and tagged this as a bug - thanks for reporting it!

I found and fixed the problem. It was just recording 0 as the length of each file.


Thank you. The patch will be included in the next canary version?

I just installed and it looks to me like the issue has been resolved, can you confirm that?

DeletedFiles: 2
DeletedFolders: 0
ModifiedFiles: 111
ExaminedFiles: 3381
OpenedFiles: 132
AddedFiles: 21
SizeOfModifiedFiles: 17590816
SizeOfAddedFiles: 735476
SizeOfExaminedFiles: 160768493
SizeOfOpenedFiles: 30111164

Unfortunately I’ve installed the later canary version but GCS Google Cloud Storage disappeared so I must return back to the previous version…

That’s odd, the release notes say GCS is UN-hid so should be visible now.

I’ll try to verify when I’m back a machine.

Just as an FYI I have confirmed that I see “Google Cloud Storage” in the “Storage Type” list on both my and installations.

Perhaps you need to hard refresh your browser or try again from an incognito / private window.

I’ve tried this morning with the last canary. Ev’rything seems ok now.
Thank you.

The e-mail now is correct, saying the backup is ok, but indeed tries to put files on GCR and receive errors.
Operation Put with file duplicati-bf33e810347ea4a39a5b4a6d979c35ac3.dblock.zip attempt 5 of 5 failed with message: The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found.
It tries to store the data but receive errors from the server. And doesn’t store anything!
I realize only today, looking in the bucket of GCS, and I have seen that there were no file newer than 8 days ago…

Since this is a different issue than your original one I’ve forked this out to it’s own topic: