Windows - Change temporary file location


I’ve noticed that when using the Windows version of Duplicati, it uses the default Windows temporary file location to create the initial backup (using the environment variables).

Is there an option to configure Duplicati to use another temporary location? The reason is that when the HDD is about 75% full when performing a backup, the C-drive might get filled up. I was unable to find such option, perhaps this topic should be changed to “feature request”, if so please do.

Thanks a lot!

You can adjust the temp folder used by going to the main Settings area and adding a couple “Advanced Options”:


Edit to add: It may only be necessary to set --tempdir. After looking more closely, --asynchronous-upload-folder will match --tempdir by default, although if you want you can set it differently than --tempdir.

Edit2: Maybe I’m wrong about the above edit… I checked another system and the two values appear to be completely independent there.

Great, I will check this when I get back home later this week. Thank you so much!

To what value did you set the Remote volume size in step 5 of your backup configuration?
The default is 50 MB. This value will create 50 MB archives in your temp folder, upload them and deletes the archives from your temp folder.
Unless you have a 200 MB hard disk, I gues you have set the remote volume size to a huge value, resulting in one gigantic remote archive that makes restores almost impossible.
If you did so, I suggest to set the remote volume size to an acceptable value and restart your backup.

Hi Kees,

This is exactly what I did, figured one big file is better than multiple smaller files. But now that you mentioned this, I see the problem indeed.

Thanks for the suggestion!

The consequence of this is that you have to download that big file each time in order to restore just one small file from your backup.