Windows 10 v1903: Tray app does not launch from Start Menu link after update to v2.0.4.32-

Environment info

  • Duplicati version:
  • Operating system: Windows 10 x64 v1903
  • Backend: OneDrive


After updating to this release, the Duplicati system tray app does not launch.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Install the new build, upgrading from the previous canary release
  2. In the Start menu, click the Duplicati entry
  • Actual result:
    Nothing happens. No Duplicati process is even started.
  • Expected result:
    Duplicati tray app launches.

Any ideas?

Original Github Issue

Same problem here.
I have re-run setup and still no Duplicati icon and no Duplicati service listed

Welcome to the forum @goobs

A question on your comment is what exactly you mean by “re-run setup” in terms of various releases. Does that mean that fresh install from .msi (of as opposed to GUI upgrade fails?

There has been more discussion of this on the mentioned issue, plus data-gathering steps given here. Answers so far are kind of thin so far, so please add what you can, either here or on the GitHub issue.

At the moment there are lots of vague reports (so something’s wrong) but not enough specifics to say.

Thanks for the reply. I have followed up on the GitHub thread.