Why is there an open connection to activate.adobe.com?

Hello Everybody,

I’m just wondering, why Duplicati maintains an open connection to activate.adobe.com? What the heck is Adobe doing in my backup process?

Without further knowledge, this connection is kind of irritating?

Please shed some light into the dark!


Hi @opt12, welcome to the forum!

I am not aware of anything in Duplicati that connects to adobe.com or any subdomains here.

Is this from the UI, or the GUI/Server process?

Thanks for the sudden reply.

Honestly, I was also surprised. Meanwhile I found out, that it’s most probably not a Duplicati issue, but some weird Adobe issue. There are more apps maintaining a connection to activate.adobe.com.

I have the suspicion, that on this computer the Adobe Connect conferencing stuff is installed.

This is what I can see in my resource monitor:

And this strange connection to adobe is kept open all the time.

Any idea what could cause this connection?


Check your hosts file, you’ve probably redirected the host activate.adobe.com to…


@nescafe yes, that would make perfekt sense. Sinkholing the adobe activation, and then Duplicati listening only to the loopback interface, making it apear to have a connection to it.

@nescafe Thanks a lot. Got it now.

(It’s kind of weird, that each localhost access appears with the hosts alias in the resource monitor, but when knowing this, it’s all OK.)