Why have "Stop Now" that doesn't?

I noticed that I had forgotten to exclude some One Drive folders from backups. Duplicati then proceeded to try to back them up triggering a download of a 30GB VM image file that I didn’t want on my laptop.
But I can’t stop it… I have the option to “Stop after current file” (I’m not waiting for that to happen, it was a miracle One Drive managed to uploaded it in the first place.) or “Stop now”, but “Stop now” is apparently exactly the same as “Stop after current file”. There doesn’t seem to be any “Abort” or anything like that. I don’t want this backup to finish. I don’t care if it will be incomplete or corrupted or anything… i just want to kill it and restart with the correct settings. Is there no clean way to do this, or do I have to kill the process/reboot to make it stop?

Logs seem to be useless… most of the “Live” log options show nothing, until one of them finally does as I flip between them, then all the options show the same thing - a full screen of:

  • Jan 29, 2022 5:01 PM: Starting - ExecuteNonQuery: UPDATE “Block” SET “VolumeID” = 7 WHERE “Hash” = “YYTmqF4YHqotoaR2Yn5Ss3xl4FRUGH9Jl5H1e29S3ag=” AND “Size” = 102400 AND “VolumeID” = 2

(and another identical entry without the “Starting -”)

The entire pages is full of these with different hash values.

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It’s a little hard to get the context of this. I assume you mean Duplicati wandered into PC OneDrive and so caused OneDrive’s Files On Demand to try to create a local copy of what used to reside only in the cloud. Exactly how Duplicati reacts to a file that’s downloading while Duplicati is reading it out is a good question.

It’s not supposed to be. I thought it was supposed to let you interrupt the file currently being read for backup. Either way, you have to wait for what’s already been processed for upload to complete uploading which can take a bit of time depending on upload speed and Duplicati configuration. It’s definitely not truly “now”, but is supposed to be less wait than the button next to it. Both of those are subject to the description above them:


One point of confusion is I think “uploads currently in progress” are the prepared-for-upload queue and the “current file” on the button means the preparation step. Thinking in terms of draining things out, drain does clean ending (which is safer than a hard cut), and the two buttons control how fast the supply is turned off.

which is relatively uncommon. Generally people care, so there’s no button to drop dead and make a mess. Actually there’s a mess-cleanup attempt at next backup, but it’s like pulling power on a PC versus tidy stop.

How long did this run before you killed it (if you did)? How fast is upload? You might have 200 MB to upload.


is probably recording a 100 KB block of your source file into the database. I don’t think they usually pause, however possibly yours gets paused while OneDrive is downloading more of the unwanted big file for you.

It also has run time at its end. Profiling level is meant to see how long things take, so as maybe to improve. For usual users, it’s not readable (Information level might be better, to watch uploads), but it proves activity.

Yes, you got it right. The backup triggered One Drive to start syncing a file that was offline.

I was backing up to a locally connected USB backup drive. So there was no “200MB to upload” - there was maybe 200MB to transfer over USB 3 to a hard disk. I let it run for an hour. Then I killed it.
There was no indication that anything useful was happening. When I noticed this the UI in One Drive seemed to indicate may 20% of the file was downloaded, but One Drive didn’t appear to be making any progress downloading (network usage was next to nothing).
There was a progress % displayed in the Duplicati UI… I couldn’t tell if that was supposed to be a per-file or per-backup thing as it was never showing anything useful, just a binary 0% or 100% - usually always 100%.
I recognize that not carrying about the backup being corrupt is not something anyone is going to code for. But not wanting it at all - as in stop what you are doing and delete or roll back what you have done so far - should at least start the clean up process immediately rather than waiting for a huge file to transfer. Maybe it is supposed to work that way, but something had it held up. I can’t say if it was One Drive or Duplicati at this point.
The worst part was how the UI gave no feedback whatsoever when I was attempting to stop it. It seemed as if it was simply ignoring my request.

The most useful way to see if it’s working through a file is “Current file” area showing name and progress.

Maybe OneDrive slowing or stalling led to Duplicati waiting for data and slowing or stalling on it. I can’t say.

I thought the “Stop now” button wrongly said “Stop after current file” somewhere, but that’s not very much.

If you like, you could set up a test backup of a local file to see if “Stop now” can cut it off, but I think it does.