Why duplicati service need to install manually?

I have Win10x64, there is no problem at least for now, i install service duplicati from prompt, but the question why its manually? Is it some specific option that duplicati can install it from prompt, or need some time for developers to do this automatically at moment when duplicati install?

Running as a service has multiple downsides that makes it a bad default install option.

It will run as an administrator giving access to all files on the machine. Furthermore it will run independently of the user currently using the machine.

Most feck software backup-type use installation as service for user SYSTEM, after that who need better security its not problem to change user. Furthermore we can create password for web-interface duplicati.

May I suggest that this is added to the installer as an option that is not selected by default?

Hardly a downside for ensuring your files are fully backed up, especially on a shared PC with multiple accounts.

For me I find the installer annoying that it doesn’t detect a service is installed (or any previous settings) and then not try to run normally.