Where to find duplicati warnings

I just finished running restore, from freshly created backup (see screenshot below - and a message: Got 1 warning(s)

How can I find out what the warning is?

This is the first time I used this tool and loved it on the first sight, despite using it on my local drives. Once I verify the correct functionality I am ready to be a little bolder.


First place I’d check is About / Show Log. See if the warning shows up there.

Thanks for the hint, @drwtsn32 - however, I do not see any Show Log on the About page:

This seems to be a known bug affecting Chrome (Log data (from "Show Log" tab) no longer visible from Chrome browser (canary

I tried to see that log with Firefox - resulting with the same outcome

That’s the Duplicati forum site… you need to go back to your Duplicati install web interface… check there :slight_smile:

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The reason the About isn’t on OP’s screen left side is because a narrow window’s menu is a button.


Need to either use the menu button to get to About, or use the maximize window button to enlarge it:


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Thank you @drwtsn32 and @ts678 for trying to help me. It was the explanation you need to go back to your Duplicati install web interface (being http://localhost:8200/ngax/index.html#/about) that made me connect the dots.

Here is the warning that I now know how to find, but still cannot understand:

Failed while executing "RepairUpdate" with id: c59b72aa-3777-4b16-a3f1-2efced21f097

My trial of duplicati was simple:

backup to the external hard disk, folder backup
restore that backup to a parallel folder restored-backup
compare the restored-backup with the original folder.

Grateful for this post. I spent an hour slugging through logs trying to find it. I found this link and discovered the warning was failed SMTP credentials.

Feature request, that it could be integrated with the job report SHOW button or at least a link to check system logs so the error is easier to find.