When I open duplicati it refuses to connect

I installed duplicati through a docker image in CasaOS and now its telling me that the connection is refused when I click on the icon or go to the IP/Port.

Hope you can help!


could someone help me?


Notice that you are trying to connect to an IP address. By default Duplicati only listens on localhost.
I am not sure this is the reason because I don’t know much about Docker and nothing about your OS.
Maybe you could try to enter into the container to see if something is listening on port 8200. I don’t remember is typically the ss utility is available in Docker containers.

These are my settings on CasaOS, its not actually an OS but a front end for docker. it is running on top of Debian

Are you accessing the website from CasaOS or another computer? By default, Duplicati will only listen on the local PC and not external connections.

Where did you get this config screen and the image, is there more information on it somewhere else?

I think with network “bridge”, the IP is only for an internal docker network. So each container will act as a different PC on that network, which means it would be treated as an external connection for Duplicati. Can you configure network “host”? Once you have access to the UI you can enable remote access so it should work when you turn it back.


If you are able to add command arguments, this might also work:

Try to add DAEMON_OPTS to environment variables maybe? Otherwise look at linuxserver whether they have a way to specify start options.

Maybe not necessary. Their Docker info has a different statement compared to Duplicati’s one.


The webui is at <your ip>:8200

suggests that the developers for linuxserver set up their image to use non-localhost networking.

Possibly their code is:


Then, open http://localhost:8200 on the host to access the Duplicati web interface

What does CasaOS normally do when you click on an icon for some Docker app with a web UI?
Does it start the container and then bring up a browser to connect to the app that it just started?
Does it provide any logs (I think I saw some in some CasaOS support cases) saying what it did?
Are you sure you got the Duplicati container started? A down container would refuse to connect.
Listing Docker Containers from a shell might get the job done, or maybe there’s some nicer GUI.

Duplicati install directly on OS tends to have a long-running server that’s up before you get in UI.
There’s a tray icon that can get your browser to the server, but you can also just type the URL in.
There’s still an outstanding question on what network that browser is on. Is that Docker internal?