When comes the full version

Hello everyone,

I am new to the Unraid environment, when I was looking for a way to backup Unraid and the shares I came across the Docker container Duplicati. I have installed it. It shows me that it is still in beta.
Is it known when the full release will be :slight_smile: ?

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It might get less stable before it continues getting better. The last update I saw posted was

A major migration such as the one from mono to .NET 8 generally introduces some glitches,
however ideally they are tolerable enough that no new .NET Framework/mono builds occur.

Parallel maintenance is tougher. A user fallback is also to revert to the old build to avoid any
problems unique to the new build. Bugs common to both will exist until someone fixes them.

introduces some other wrinkles in terms of staffing. At the moment, staffing remains too low.
Volunteers are still needed for all areas, including code, test, docs, and even forum support.

The Beta complaint level is now quite low, given the 65 million backups per year it’s running:


But there are still forum and GitHub issues, both the old backlog (for your review) and newer.
Software is never perfect, and neither is hardware, storage providers, or users for that matter.
There has not been a discussion of necessary features in awhile, but those may factor in too.

I think the new more formalized organization will probably do better planning, so stay tuned…

Meanwhile, feel free to run Beta if you think the risk is OK. Canary build will always be risky…
That’s hot off a build, whereas Beta doesn’t happen until volunteer Canary testers prove it out.
After that, it gets promoted (see above) to Beta, with same code and a bit of new release note.

Yes, that is one possible outcome.

The move to .net8 will at the very least delay the option of going for a stable release.

However, for Docker users, I expect there to be very few issues issues, as the container includes all the dependencies, so you will just run the latest container and all should work :person_in_lotus_position: