What platform you develop on, and how to use browser as interface?

As somebody just learning to code, I have a couple questions for the developers that I am curious about:

What platform/language are you using to develop Duplicati for cross platform deployment?

How do you use a web browser as the GUI interface? (This one intrigues me most!)


It was written in C#. Here on Github you can find the main Duplicati project as well as the web server piece:

HTML and JavaScript, probably not that much different from a typical web site you use.
A human-friendly GUI runs a computer-friendly HTTP interface, which you can see with
web developer tools in your browser (commonly F12) which actually controls Duplicati.

Duplicati Client is a third-party tool that goes right to internal server interface from a CLI.
That was reverse-engineered. I can’t explain it all, but sample POST processor is here.

HTML or JavaScript is my way to go, but I’m willing to learn any new platforms. After all, I’m used to switching from one platform to another. The thing is that I would love to try out something related to iOS and for that, I’m going to need someone from https://ithire.com/category/ios-developers because they definitely know better than me. I’ve only used Windows so far, but I want to expand my knowledge by learning a different operating system. The key is to never stop learning, especially in this domain, where there’s so much going on at the same time