What is your experience with Duplicati+Sia?

What is your experience with Duplicati+Sia? Have you lost any data? How is speed? Any tips and tricks? Any changes? Any other impressions?

Hello @vasili111, welcome to the forum!

I personally haven’t used Sia, but I know it was a highly requested feature back in August (the bounty was up to $3,200!) so I would assume SOMEBODY is using it.

Searching the forum here for “Sia” I see some posts from users such as @TitaniumCoder477, @nix, @amastronardi, and @drakar2007 who appear to have used it at some point and might have some input.

@kenkendk, do you have any thoughts on why I’m not seeing “Sia Decentralized Cloud” in the usage reporter? Other destinations, such as “Tahoe LAFS” and “CloudFiles” show with as little as 2 or even 1 usage.


My first go-around with Sia (on Sia v 1.3.0) had loads of issues - Sia would stall during the upload for certain dblocks at some points, or stall during the download of dblocks for verification, and cause Duplicati to just stall like that until I forced the process to end from Duplicati’s side. Then I would get database mismatches within Duplicati that ended up being impossible to clean up.

The improvements in Sia 1.3.1 and up seem to have majorly fixed these issues - when I did a second test run I was able to do some stress testing in my (new) upload set without having the same breakages that I did the first time around. I should also point out that this might also have something to do with having sufficient SiaCoin funding in your Allowance.

  1. What do you think, does the sia+Duplicati 2 usable in current state?
  2. Do you use regularly sia+Duplicati 2 or just did some tests?

It’s probably usable but I’d recommend anyone that uses it to do some testing first to make sure. And by testing I just mean, throwing it a backup set and making sure it works ok, then continues working ok when you make changes to the set and re-run it, and do restore operations.

I personally have my main backup collection on B2 for reliability. Sia is still the wave of the future IMHO, but I still consider it basically in “alpha” phase.

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I am thinking to use b2 too.
What you think, is it possible to back up same information to b2 and sia at the same time? After if I need to restore that information, to make duplicati restore from b2 but if there will be some data loss at b2 to download damaged part from sia.I mean to use sia as additional protection against data loss if something will go wrong with b2. Something like duplicati+b2+sia. What you think, is it possible?

I am working on a special use case for Sia and Duplicati that is probably not what you’re looking to do. However, I too backup to B2 as my current primary offsite repo. I don’t see why you couldn’t have two jobs with identical selection lists but going to different destinations.

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The way Duplicati is setup, you would just want to keep separate backup jobs, one for B2 and one for Sia, and just point them both at the same source data. They wouldn’t “talk” to each other whatsoever, but having 2 separate backups in 2 places is always safer than only 1.

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Another added benefit of two jobs is that you can have subtle differences in them such as different frequencies or verification testing based on potential cost or bandwidth limitations associate with one destination versus another.


Also, you can prioritize (or deprioritize) certain files or types of file - for example in my case, on my home PC i have duplicati backing up to B2 as well as to an attached USB drive, and since storage on the USB drive is nominally free, I have it also holding some extra bulky (but more easily replaceable) movie downloads, which I don’t bother uploading to B2 in order to keep my costs down.

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