What does delete remote files mean exactly?

I want to delete the long list of files from from my usb-disk. since its’s better not just delete it from external harddrive direct i want to do it over the duplicati interface.

my setup: the old job named project, that was writing from an network share (server) a backup with duplicati to an external usb-Disk that is connected to my Pc.

When i go to the job in duplicati, and click on the DELETE link, i come to a screen where it gives me the option “Delete remote files”. Does this mean when i checkbox it that the remote files from the server or the files from the USB gets deleted? I dont want to delete files from the source (server) i just want to delete the backup job with the coresbondentign files on usb-disk target to clean-up the target a bit. :thinking:

see screenshot.

Welcome to the forum @mandalorian

The term “remote files” means the destination files, meaning screen 2 Destination in backup config.
The word “target” (i.e. as in “Target URL” on the Commandline screen) also refers to your destination.
Maybe “remote files” didn’t have your configuration in mind. Usually the destination is further remote…

Cleaning up the destination through direct operations works just as well, provided you hit the right one.
You want to permanently delete this backup configuration (including database) and backup files, right?
When you delete the backup, Duplicati gives you the choice to clean up further if that’s what you want.

thank you for the information!