What does `--control-files` parameter do?

I was poking through the advanced parameters and noticed this textbox parameter:

Use this option to attach extra files to the newly uploaded filelists.

The command-line help just says the following, which seems more of a checkbox that textbox parameter…

--control-files = false
    Use control files

I don’t suppose it would be something like “put a path here and that file will be uploaded as a separate file from the filelists”… ('cause that could be handy for making backups of the .sqlite databse, if one wanted to do such a thing)

@kenkendk points out what is does here:

The file specified here will be added to the DLIST archive.

Not sure if pointing to the SQLITE DB here is a good idea, because 1) the DB is not in a consistent state when it’s in use and 2) the DB can become very large (hundreds of MB’s to several GB’s) and dedup will not work for these files, they are just added to the DLIST archive.

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