What codes does duplicati-cli return?

What codes does duplicati-cli return? As in, if you called the program in bash, what would it return when it succeeded, and what would it return when it fails?

I’ve been testing running backup jobs via gitlab-runner, my duplicati-in-docker image, and a bash script. Looking at the output of a job, it looks like the duplicati-cli succeeded, but gitlab-runner/gitlab-ci thinks it failed.

So, does duplicati-cli return a 1 on success?

The help should describe the return codes:

$ duplicati-cli help returncodes

Duplicati reports the following return/exit codes:
  0 - Success
  1 - Successful operation, but no files were changed
  2 - Successful operation, but with warnings
  50 - Backup uploaded some files, but did not finish
  100 - An error occurred
  200 - Invalid commandline arguments found

Gitlab is probably interpreting any nonzero status as a failure?


Thanks! I expect that is exactly what gitlab is doing and now that I know what duplicati is return, I can figure out how to return what gitlab wants.

Sorry. Forget my post. Totally incorrect so deleted the text :slight_smile: