Welcome window has misspelling and incorrect grammar

When first creating an account, a window called “Welcome to duplicati” is displayed which has a misspelled word and it has incorrect grammar on the second check mark option. It has the following sentence:
“I agree to the recieve marketing emails”

Receive is misspelled, and “the” shouldn’t be in the sentence.
It should read as follow:
I agree to receive marketing emails”.

I believe that duplicati was not capitalized, but I’m not sure if that was intentional.

When creating a new topic, it’s not immediately obvious how to preview the formatted text (input), because a couple of windows are completely covering the preview window. Moreover, there’s no hint to let the writer know that closing these windows would result in displaying the preview window.
I recommend at least adding a button [Preview Topic], that would automatically close these top layer windows, and show the preview window. Or not covering up the preview window at all.

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Hi @David-Maisonave welcome to the forum!

This is for the Duplicati portal, it is now fixed.

I assume you mean that the suggestions for similar topics have shown up?

Personally, it rarely has a good match for my topics, but I think the rationale is to avoid repeat questions for the same..

I agree that it is a bit confusing that it covers the preview area for first-time users, but I have not seen any settings that improves this.

Make sure users know that a preview is being generated below panel describes what might be that issue:

But the problem isn’t that the user is trying to close the panel and can’t figure out how. Instead, the user sees no reason to close it because they do not know that there’s anything interesting hiding behind it.

Does the screenshot at top of above topic show what hides the preview? Is there something else as well?