Webdav - port put in path field on save

I’m setting up a job to backup to Nextcloud over webdav. I enter the settings:

Type: WebDAV
server: test.com
port: 444
path /remote.php/webdav

When I test it succeeds but says folder does not exist and asks me if I want to create it, which if I say yes it fails. I saved anyway and tried to backup but that fails to connect. When I go back to edit the backup config - the port has been appended to the path - which will not work. It looks like this:

Type: WebDAV
server: test.com
path /remote.php/webdav:444/

Any ideas?

Does this require an actual backup run, or can you get it without? I can’t get this on or

Have you tried a different web browser or browser hard refresh (sometimes Control-F5 on Windows)?