WebDAV and Bitrix24

Hi, I just found, that Bitrix24 (just search mydealz and bitrix24 - I don’t want to post some links) is giving 100 GB for free for users from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Bitrix24 also offering WebDAV, so I tried to connect the WebDAV to Duplicati, but after 3 minutes I get always error 403. Duplicati uploads 3 files, but that’s all.


Log: { "DeletedFiles": 0, "DeletedFolders": 0, "ModifiedFiles": 0, "Exami - Pastebin.com

I think, that it’s problem on Bitrix site, but I just want to be sure. Thanks for any comments. If someone wants to test it, I can create some test account and post here the details.

Hello and welcome.

Have you customized the Remote Volume Size setting, or is it at the default 50MB? I searched Google for info on Bitrix24 and saw something about file size limits.

Thank you very much for your reply. I think, that there is some problem with WebDAV implementation on Bitrix24. I tried duplicacy CLI and WEB and I’m getting this error:

INFO WEBDAV_RETRY URL request 'MKCOL snapshots' returned status code 409

I also tried HandyBackup Trial version - the initial Backup was okay, but I wasn’t able to make any additional backups:

Error occurred while downloading /Backup              100000WebDAV
Can't read backup history file. No description about current backup will be stored

The DesktopApp is also very unintuitive, so I will not use Bitrix24 anymore.