Web UI reporting out of date information

Hey, everyone.

I use the command line to run backup jobs, but I’ve noticed that the web UI will not report the last backup time correctly unless I actually run the job from there.

Is there any way I can force the front to update?


Assuming you mean you used Export As Command-line to run for backups while keeping the web UI for less CLI-friendly things such as Restore, you should be able to use Show logs to see your backup runs.

The home page has a consolidated view of all jobs, and a job that backs up reports its info into that view. Command line is intentionally separate from GUI, but having a shared database lets GUI look at DB logs.

I used the Export as Command Line option as a basis, but changed a few bits as needed.

The idea is that my scheduled backups run via a script where I can wake/sleep the NAS, mount/dismount NFS, start/stop services, send notifications etc at the start/end of the script, rather than doing it for each job.

I’ve found I’m using the UI for manual backups and for restores. Each time I log into the UI, it would be nice to see the last time the job actually ran, rather than the last time it was run from the UI, or at a scheduled time.

If it’s intentionally separate, then it’s no bother, I just didn’t know if it was possible to run a command, or restart a service, for it to pull in the results of command line backups.

It’s about two clicks away, however for multiple jobs that might take a lot of clicking…

False impression that CLI and GUI are inter-connected has author’s statement on why it’s separate.

duplicati-client allows scripts to run GUI jobs. That would be one way to get the home page updated.