Way to see accurate size 'to go'?

Hi all, another Crashplan refugee here :). Thanks for the great product!

I’ve created a backup to Backblaze B2, and it’s doing its second backup run now, but it seems that the backup progress isn’t showing an accurate ‘to go’ amount.

My backup set is ~220GB, and the second run is showing the current progress as “24270 files (195.22 GB) to go” whilst uploading some files, when I’m pretty sure only ~5GB was added.

I assume that the progress is actually showing how much of the backup set it still has to process in this run, and not how much it actually has to upload.

I only have a slow upload speed (5mb), so it could take a while to upload the 5GB i expected that is new.

Is there any way to see how much there is to actually upload for a backup run?

Hi @lucascosti, welcome to the forum!

You are correct - the progress first shows the number of files to be PROCESSED (checked for changes) then I believe once the green bar starts showing it has switched to the number of files to be UPLOADED.

At the moment there isn’t a way to shortcut that process to skip right to the necessary upload amount.

I know it’s not really what you want, but if you check the job “General” log (or emails, if using them) AFTER the run you should see something similar at the top which summaries what WAS changed:

DeletedFiles: 0 
DeletedFolders: 0 
ModifiedFiles: 0 
ExaminedFiles: 12530 
OpenedFiles: 2 
AddedFiles: 2 
SizeOfModifiedFiles: 0 
SizeOfAddedFiles: 0 
SizeOfExaminedFiles: 3275741495 
SizeOfOpenedFiles: 3463677

Further down is a block called “BackendStatistics:” with contents like this:

 RemoteCalls: 9
 BytesUploaded: 4320201
 BytesDownloaded: 4264711
 FilesUploaded: 4
 FilesDownloaded: 3
 FilesDeleted: 0
 FoldersCreated: 0

Thanks for the reply!

Hmmm, in my version ( on Windows 10) the part when the green bar starts shows the remaining amount to be checked with OR uploaded to the destination, which isn’t the same as the amount to be actually uploaded.

Thanks for this, but yeah, it’s more for me to see if something/someone has changed a bunch of files without me knowing. Real world example: once the Mrs accidentally added 20GB of unintentional data to monitored folders without realising they were being backed up. CrashPlan showed me how much was still to upload (as well as the current file being uploaded), and I could fix it before the backup finished.

I can live with the current Duplicati behaviour, but it definitely would be a nice-to-have to be able to see an accurate upload amount (and ETA) of a running backup.

Agreed, though personally I’d rather see this topic below implemented first as it doesn’t require me to be monitoring things while they run. :slight_smile:

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Just to add an example screenshot:

From null

In this case I know I’ve added about 3GB of new data to this backup, but there is no way for me to see how much data there is to upload with the current “to go” reporting. After the 3GB is done uploading (a while at my upload speed) it will go from 200GB down to 0 very quickly. It would be useful to have a semi-accurate ‘upload to go’/ETA :).

Thanks for the screenshot. For future reference, our forum software (Discourse) lets you paste the image directly into your post - like this:

There have been a number of discussions about changing the progress bar, but few of them (none having to do with the numbers) have been implemented.

So unfortunately, at this time I don’t think there’s a way to get to the numbers you’re looking for. :frowning:

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