Warnings with OneDrive for Business

Hi there,

starting from yesterday, I get warnings when running a backup to OneDrive for business. Before yesterday, the backup went without any error or warning. No change has been done (as far as I can remember :grinning:).

The warnings read like that:

2019-06-10 11:54:53 +02 - [Warning-Duplicati.Library.Main.BackendManager-FolderCreateError]: Failed to create folder: Element with path ‘/personal/xxx_yyy_zzz_de/Documents/Duplicati/201906/’ not found on host ‘https://xxx-my.sharepoint.com’.

2019-06-10 11:57:40 +02 - [Warning-Duplicati.Library.Main.Operation.Backup.BackendUploader-FolderCreateError]: Failed to create folder: Element with path ‘/personal/xxx_yyy_zzz_de/Documents/Duplicati/201906/’ not found on host ‘https://xxx-my.sharepoint.com’.

Backup target is set up like that:

Duplicati/201906 is a folder I created myself. “Test connection” works fine, backup seems to be successful, the files (all of them including the latest ones which have been created by the latest backup run showing the warning) are showing up in this folder as expected. But still: I keep getting this warnings.

Does anybody have any idea where this warnings may come from?

I guess you should move the V2 backend. The old backend is no longer supported by Microsoft, so I would not base my backups on that version.

Thank you, that did the trick. Using the V2 backend with oAuth made the warnings disappear.

A word of warning, however: when changing an existing backup job from OneDrive for Business (V1, authentication with user id and password) to V2 (oAuth), the user id and password parameters are for some reason not being removed from the destination URL, leading to some more warnings about unsupported parameters which are being ignored. To get rid of this warnings, copy the destination URL (three dot menu on the destination pane), remove the two unwanted parameters and reimport the shortened destination URL.

Maybe this can be fixed in a future release.