Warning please verify the sha256 hash

i am getting this warning error

[Warning-Duplicati.Library.Main.Operation.FilelistProcessor-MissingRemoteHash]: remote file duplicati-bc80d53c3aaba4753ad43390ee06676b6.dblock.zip.aes is listed as Uploaded with size 151977101 but should be 157219981, please verify the sha256 hash “waZIlxr6ftIlLEj3qGmDeq7xXUiIWKk7Q7DgOZUYETo=”

My duplicati is set to 150 MB
i use S3 compatible setup using Minio
i did try to purge-broken files but that did not work, any other ideas that i can try ?
PS : is use the duplicati client on windows

Welcome to the forum @Seeveen

I think purge-broken-files (and its should-run-before list-broken-files) need help to notice the size issue.
Recovering by purging files shows it handling a deleted file, so you could try deleting that damaged file.

Before doing so, you can pass its file name to the affected command, as seen in the example here, to discover what the impact of the deletion will be. If you REALLY want, you could also examine that file in AES Crypt or Duplicati’s CLI SharpAESCrypt.exe to see if it decrypts. If not, that suggests file damage.

That’s the theory, but when I tried this, purge-broken-files left some mess in two files that purge couldn’t purge. I wound up doing a database Recreate, then list-broken-files and purge-broken-files. That fixed it.

Maybe your luck will be better.

hi, thank you for your replay

i solved
i did removed the file and after that use the purge command but i was getting a error that the command was not successful and i find on other post that i should delete Commandline arguments, doing so and run purge again fix the problem

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