Warning missing Fileset

Platform: Windows Various
Back-end Back Blaze

If i get an interrupted or partial Backup on the next run I receive this warning

2020-05-14 02:00:16 +01 - [Warning-Duplicati.Library.Main.Operation.Backup.UploadSyntheticFilelist-MissingTemporaryFilelist]: Expected there to be a temporary fileset for synthetic filelist (129, duplicati-be0a73521493849e89e2a6829aba991a0.dblock.zip.aes), but none was found?

Normally I will delete versions back to before the interrupted backup and rerun but I have one on a systems where a user has added ~10GB of Data and I am wondering is it safe to ignore these warnings.

Backup completed with warning has some comments, and points to the pull request which is fixing this.

I don’t think the warning itself is a concern, but interrupted backups might be. There are fixes there too.

Until current Canary fixes reach Beta release (assume you’re on, avoid stopping Duplicati hard.

Safest current plan is probably “Stop after current file” then wait for work-in-progress to finish uploading.

Thanks for that. The backup in question was interrupted by a system power failure. Have since checked and the user had removed the data so was probably only transferring it from one device to another. So I treated the backups as been bad and my removed all version to the version the last reported a successful backup. My opinion as regards interrupted backups is that its safer to reproduce the backup in full rather then try and be fancy and continue from where the interruption occurred. Yes it mighty be a nice feature to have on an initial/large backup but in general backup integrity is more important.