Warning for excluded files

Hey there is it normal to get warnings even if the files should be excluded? Or did I do anything wrong?

here are the warnings:

And here are my exclusions:


yes this seems unexpected. Could you:

  • first look up the filter in text mode with the 3 dots menu (this could be some corner case when the text mode can get out of sync with the filter as it appears in the default view). Your filters should appear like this:
  • if nothing different appears, use the live trace mode with verbose level and click on the failed path message to display the full trace. Post it here.

thanks for the answer and sorry for the late reply.

here is a screenshot as text:

what is the live trace mode?

About / show log / Live
Once you have set the level to ‘verbose’ (you can open another tab to look at the trace while you start the backup in the first tab), look at the live trace and as soon as one of the error messages appears, disable the log by setting it to ‘disabled’ to avoid that it scrolls off screen. Then click on the ‘Failed to process path’ error message to reveal the trace.