Warning: Anything to be concerned about?

Is this warning anything I should be concerned about?

2020-09-26 21:00:00 -04 - [Warning-Duplicati.Library.DynamicLoader.DynamicLoader`1-SoftError]: Failed to load process type Duplicati.Library.Common.IO.VssBackupComponents assembly /usr/lib/duplicati/Duplicati.Library.IO.dll, error message: Could not load type of field ‘Duplicati.Library.Common.IO.VssBackupComponents:_vssBackupComponents’ (1) due to: Could not load file or assembly ‘AlphaVSS.Common, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=’ or one of its dependencies.

Running on Debian Buster, backing up to SFTP.

It can be ignored. Those libraries aren’t used on non-Windows platforms anyway. The warning has been fixed in the Canary channel and will make it into the next beta version.

thanks. I will work on my after-script to see if i can detect this and flag it

If it’s bothersome enough to call for that, it might be worth trying to workaround by giving it the .dll

VSS warning on non-Windows platforms #4149

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hrm that cure looks worse than the disease.

Your choice, but the actual fix was to NOT delete the file, so replacing the file has the same effect.
Do not remove Alpha VSS dependencies in installer packages #4178
or you can run Canary (which is always an unknown), or wait for the Beta, or workaround in script.